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Join Us on Our Mission!

We Are On An Absolute Mission

To Get People Out Of Inappropriate Accommodation 

And Into A Place They Are Happy To Call Home

The 15 Golden Rules to Achieve Our Mission

We Are A People Business, Not A Property Business

Our Properties Are Not Accommodation, Nor Someone’s Workplace – People Are Happy To Call Our Properties Their Home!

Our Properties Are One Tool To Improve Peoples’ Lives. Tools Work Best As Part Of A Set

We Employ Awesome People Who Are Smarter And Better Than Us. We Set Them Goals, Give Them The Tools To Achieve And Get Out Of Their Way

We Passionately Look After Our Own (Our Residents, Our Team, Our Owners)

We Are Nice People. We Only Work With Other Nice People

Sometimes Nice People Have To Fight Hard For What They Believe In

We Have A “Yes We Can” Culture

Awesomely Designed, Exceedingly Well Maintained, Safe, Independent And Liberating Properties Are More Likely To Make People Happy To Call Them Their Home.

We Make Our Owners Happy. Happy Owners Develop More Properties. More People Get Awesome Places To Call Home

People Who Get On With, Want The Best For, And Like Their House Mates And Neighbours Don’t Often Move Homes

Although A Vacancy Is Never Filled With The Wrong Person, Vacancies Are Terrible For Achieving Our Mission

We Can’t Achieve Our Mission Unless our Regulatory Compliance is Exemplary

We Act in a Way That Our Loved Ones Would Be Proud Of

We Quickly Stop Being Involved With People That Inhibit Our Mission